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Natahlia: a beautiful woman in spandex and bondage

Photograph of a young woman in pink spandex catsuit with her wrists tied to her ankles

A photoshoot from many years ago with Natahlia, a fetish and bondage model featuring pink spandex catsuit and blue rope.


The return of bondage photography

Black and white photo of a woman in a spandex catsuit with her hands tied behind her back in a bondage position

With the threat of the UK banning bondage and fetish photography, I think it’s time to share my old work. Maybe some new photos too.


As close to a Christmas themed shoot as I dared get

Black and white photo of a young woman in bondage looking down at the ropes around her legs

Emma J does her best in her non-Christmas themed bondage photoshoot.


“Forced” to sleep

Photo of a black woman in a green spandex catsuit with her arms folded across her chest

An intense femdom game turned into something more relaxing. Gags and bags and nytol played their part.


A bad weekend

Black and white photo of a man tying hands behind back

Our plans for a couple of hours of kinky fun came to nothing as a malaise overtook me. Perhaps my mood will lift.


Hands tied behind her back

Black and white photograph of a black woman with her hands tied behind her back

Tying a submissive’s hands behind their back is the perfect way to molest a bottom.


Taking stock of where my writing is

Black Mistress ties the hands of an ebony submissive behind her back in bondage

I’ve been unable to publish much these past months. It isn’t for the want of trying.


A day in latex (or why ignoring your fetish for a few months is bad for your mental health)

Photograph of a man in a latex gesturing to the camera

After months of letting the vanilla world get the better of me, I gave my sexuality free reign. Welcome back, latex loving Razz!


Black and white photo of Franka

Girl in fetish lycra catsuit posing

It’s a simple image, and I love it. No bondage, no overt fetish themes. Just a beautiful woman being gorgeous. What’s not to like? Set in contemporary Japan, you’ll find bored housewives, up-and-coming idols and mature barmaids all vying for your attention as they explore their own version of BDSM. Available on Kindle


A latex shoot from years ago

Photograph of a woman in a red and black latex catsuit standing in a field

From one of the few latex photoshoots I did. Taken years ago in a field somewhere in England.


Bondage with Freya

Black and white photograph of a woman with her hands tied behind her back in rope and wearing a spandex catsuit or unitard

From a bondage photo session in a hot glass house, Freya has her hands tied behind her back.


Loose rubber

Photograph of a man in a loose latex rubber suit and gas mask

Not all latex has to be tight and black to be fun – as my trusty rubber funsuit proves.

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