“As a man” I’d like you to stop using that phrase

Can we stop with the “As a man” preamble apology bullshit every time some arsehole does something stupid? You might as well say “As a follower of Manchester United” or “As an eater of bourbon biscuits”

Sure, it might make you feel good and you might even think it makes you look all “empathic” but really?

It just makes you look like a bit of an arsehole for trying to take responsibility for something you’ve got zero control over. Most reasonable people know that the crap behaviour of one mindless male individual is not representative of the entire gender. Most reasonable people might also suspect your “apology” is little more than an attempt to ingratiate yourself with womankind.

So instead of being offended “as a man” just resolve not to be the arsehole who prompted the faux apology in the first place. Because, frankly, the way you behave “as a man” is way more impressive than any platitude you could offer.

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