Bye bye, Google+

I invest quite a bit of time and money in this blog. It’s purely a hobby, something to take my mind off of the stresses and troubles of the day job. I make no money from it. It doesn’t pay its way or bring any kind of income, directly or otherwise.

It means that from time to time I’ll experiment with something that doesn’t quite work out and just drop it. Which is what’s happened to Google+

The community there isn’t particularly vibrant and a quick check of the stats show I might have got a visitor to the blog once. Maybe twice. Either way it isn’t worth the effort.

So farewell to my Google+ page. Normal service will be maintained on Twitter and Pinterest.

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About Razz

I'm a creative dominant type with a love of BDSM and fetishism. This blog is an outlet, so don't take anything you see or read too seriously.