Can we start talking about domestic abuse in a gender free way?

A recent visit to the cinema revealed how biased the debate around domestic violence has become. The latest Government funded advert shows a series of scenarios, all where the abuser is male. Only once is a male seen as a victim, and this is in the context of a homosexual relationship.

This is disgraceful.

Domestic abuse is debilitating for anyone who experiences it, regardless of their gender. Yet the Government advertisement continues to push the myth that men are the abusers and victims (mostly) are women. It continues to play to the idea that someone who is suffering abuse at the hands of a woman is somehow not “man enough” to deal with it, or that it’s just whatever it is that lesbians do because no one ever talks about it.

It’s an issue that we need to move past the stereotypes and start talking about in a gender neutral way. We’ve got to recognise that domestic abuse, whether it’s delivered by fists or psychology, is a crime that can be inflicted on both men and women by both men and women.

Within the advert a simple segment could have said so much. A segment that had a female voice telling their victim no one would believe them. A segment that could have spoken to an ignored segment of society who are reminded by this simple film that abusers are always male and victims are generally female.

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