Caution : young damsels

Caution : young damsels

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a certain site whose raison d’etre appears to be sharing content from other sites, TV shows and movies where the subject is bondage. That’s annoying in its own right as quite often the content appeared to be little more than rips from TV shows and material pulled from YouTube without accreditation (or, I’d wager, consent) mixed in with some promotional material.

What really got me was the little warning put on the bottom of some of the YouTube content …

Caution – young damsels

Caution indeed. Judging by the screenshots these videos consisted of mid to early teen girls larking about with ropes and gags.

Which is where my concern started to rise: children’s pranks being depicted on a site whose content was centred on sexual gratification through bondage.

It made me very uncomfortable to see these images, albeit briefly. Had I stumbled upon a well meaning fetishist who perhaps did not quite understand the consequences of what they were doing? Or was this the way in to some pedophile network? Was I being oversensitive and perhaps the site operator had validated the individuals in the films were indeed over 18?

Having determined that this was unlikely to be the hub of some sinister network, I’ve simply removed the bookmark, deleted my history and vowed never to return to this site again. Regardless of their intentions, I do not want anything to do with a site that does little more than display teenagers’ YouTube videos for sexual gratification.

It just seems wrong.

Update: since writing this original piece a couple of years ago the offending site has vanished from the Interwebs. That said, there are still YouTube channels galore that share teenagers’ capers amongst their heavy bondage clips.

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