“Dad, what’s all this stuff?”

Prompted by a post on a Fetlife Forum, the question was “how do you tell your daughter what all that rubberwear is in the wardrobe.”

One of my twins went hunting for a laptop charger and discovered a wardrobe full of bondage gear and latex. Immediate reaction was “oh shit” from her, followed by “never mention it again.” She was fourteen at the time.

I was completely cool about it, didn’t say a thing and let it pass. Why? Too much shock for the poor girl right now (afterall, was it something I did to her mum?) A few weeks later, when she was ready, she asked me what it was all about. We didn’t get into details, just that some people have sex in different ways and use props and costumes. Which seemed OK for her.

The key thing for me was not to rush in and immediately try and justify an entire lifestyle. It was about making sure she was reassured at that moment, then giving her space to open up and come to me. Which I guess is the point. When your kid finds out about your fetish remember it’s about them and their reaction. That comes first.

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