Dear Dominants: you do need to impress potential slaves

Dear Dominants: you do need to impress potential slaves

“Do you need to impress slaves?”

It was a question posed in one of the forums that I follow. A Dominatrix was commenting on how she was finding it difficult to find quality slaves, and how her image was putting people off. Her theory was that as a Mistress it was the responsibility of submissives to recognise her superior nature and respond accordingly.

This is not a view I share.

Professional domination is a service that is subject to the harsh realities of economics. It’s a crowded market out there and there are a lot of people vying for the same submissives. Adopting an arrogant air and not recognising this is a sure fire way to disappointment. At the outset you need to establish some credibility with the potential submissive and draw them into a position where they will contact you. The five focus points that follow will help you to do that with new prospective slaves and those who are perhaps wavering.

Convince people you really exist

You may not be comfortable publishing your address, but at least let people know which town you are in and how far away you are from transport. Provide a phone number, be that a mobile or a number from a service such as Niteflirt or Adultwork, something that tells the prospective client you are a real person.

Keep a blog and update it regularly

Regular updates to your site lets people (and search engines) know you are active and can provide insights into the sorts of sessions that you provide beyond the usual “list of services”. If existing slaves are willing to write “session reports” that is even better, particularly if you can link to some external profile (such as Twitter or FetLife) which show these come from more than just a sock puppet. It also provides content you can share on the various social networks and via eMail.

Pay attention to your images

Your image is important, and as such it is necessary to have some formal images that show the potential submissive how you generally appear. These need to be refreshed on a regular basis as a fast way to damaging credibility is to have a submissive turn up, find the images on your site are a decade old and start tweeting about it.

As well as the formal images, informal selfies can also provide the potential submissive with more of an insight into how you are from day to day and make you less imposing.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure any photoshop work is kept to a minimum and done to a high standard. I’ve seen some incredibly poor work to remove blemishes that, rather than promoting the Mistress in a positive light, have become a topic of ridicule.

Focus on the detail on your site

Whether you think “that’s how I write” or not, glaring grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will put people off, particularly if you’re positioning yourself as “superior”. At least run Word’s grammar and spell check over content before it goes live and if you’re not confident in writing material yourself get someone else to do it for you.

Disclose your prices

This is a contentious point for many, yet study after study shows people are less willing to contact a potential supplier (which you are) if pricing isn’t disclosed up front. Disclose your session fees as a clear menu, make it clear that negotiation is not possible and indicate where additional fees may be charged (for example, if you have an additional charge for anal play or somesuch).

As with any business, if you don’t pay attention to the basics you won’t even get considered. Drop the arrogance, acknowledge you’re in a competitive situation and respond accordingly. Once you’ve started to convince the potential slave you’re credible then you can start to layer in the dominance.

To answer the original question, do you need to impress slaves? Absolutely if you want to make professional domination your career.

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