“For a Muslim girl”

It started simply enough. A male colleague commented on one of the young women in the contact centre …

“She’s a pretty girl,” he started.

“for a,” was the next part of the sentence, which started to raise my eyebrows. He might as well have said “but”.

“Muslim girl!” was the clincher.

My head may have hit the desk. My own filter sometimes misses things it should catch.

Saying you find someone in the office is attractive isn’t a problem for me. We do, it’s human nature, it’s nothing to be ashamed or proud of. What got me though was the qualifier attached to it.

What got me more pissed was how, during the course of the day, said person seemed to try to justify their position by launching into every cliche known to mankind. We had references to “their” beautiful eye make-up and whether “they” wore sexy underwear underneath their clothes.

And a few others.

Frankly I think if you’re in the middle of a hole the best thing to do is stop digging. Bringing a JCB down in with you to make it bigger faster isn’t a great idea!

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