Forced impregnation – a fetish I’m NOT comfortable with

A thread on a forum about forced impregnation got my blood boiling. The thrust was a discussion on how women could trick their male partners into impregnating them. Ideas varied from damaging condoms to drugging. OK so far, but when they moved from ideas into “this is what I tried” things became really uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, if a woman has fantasies or a desire to be forced into pregnancy I don’t have an issue with that – as long as the potential father is a willing participant. But when a woman is trying to get pregnant by a man and has not involved him in that decision – holy shit.

This isn’t about bruises that fade after a few days, a nerve being caught in play that keeps coming back or willingly being branded or scarred. This is about creating a life. That life, later on, will want to know about his or her father, at which point Pandora’s Box is opened and all hell breaks loose.

And I speak from direct, first hand experience.

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