Why getting annoyed with an inappropriate request isn’t the best idea

Posted in random thoughts on Wednesday, 20th July 2016

Sometimes I get quite annoyed with models who start laying down what they see as the rules. I’ve had everything over the years from models insisting they retain copyright on images to being asked for fees after being booked to shoot for someone’s website. Judging by the threads on various bulletin boards and discussion forums I am not the only photographer who has had these problems.

The standard response from some of my peers is to tell the model to go away with various expletives attached. Whilst this may give them a few moments of gratification I don’t see this as a professional approach to take. Of course the model might be “trying it on” but there’s also the possibility there’s a miscommunication somewhere along the line, they have an unrealistic view of how the industry works or some other reason that means the request is a genuine mistake.

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My approach is typically to explain politely why their request isn’t one I’ll accept and set out an explanation. If they’ve asked for copyright I’ll explain how the photographer owns it and would need to be paid to surrender it. If they’ve asked me to pay for their shoot for their website I’ll set out why this isn’t an approach I’d agree to. If there’s been a misunderstanding this usually clear it up and if the model concerned is being unrealistic then that’s sorted out too. And yes, I have had replies to these messages along the lines of “you’ve missed out on the opportunity to shoot an amazing model”.

To me what matters far more than a cheap shot is my professional reputation.

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