Here we go again (a lament on fake models)

Here we go again (a lament on fake models)

I’d been exchanging eMails for a few days with a girl who wanted to model for me.

To be honest it was a bit of my fault because I didn’t do the one thing that can be done in this day and age, which is click on the person’s eMail address and see their Google+ profile. Conversations were a bit advanced when I got round to doing this, and when I did “she” became a “he”.

The photos that had been sent were of someone in his circles, possibly his girlfriend, although that was far from certain.

Result: conversation ended.

I hadn’t been drawn into the “what will you do to me” discussion, which usually alerts me to someone on the lookout for wank material. Quite what this chap was up to I’m not sure. Perhaps enquiring on behalf of his girlfriend? Perhaps hoping to surprise her?

To be honest I don’t care.

On to the next one.

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