I get the “we might pardon the wrong people” argument

I get it, HM Government. I really do. John Nicholson brought forward a private members bill to Parliament that would have granted a blanket pardon to about 50,000 people convicted of being gay. You had concerns the bill might accidentally result in some people being pardoned when their crimes were a bit more than being game. I get that too.

But this was first reading. This was “getting the bill past the first stage” of its passage through parliament. There would have been plenty of time to review and table amendments to exclude specific people (surely a vast minority) or adapt it to meet this amazing new bill you’re creating that will do exactly the same thing.

Instead you sent Sam Gyimah into the chamber to talk non-stop for 25 minutes for no other reason than to scupper the bill and tell the UK’s convicted gay men “you’re still criminals.”

That, HM Government, is pretty low in anyone’s book.

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