I look at other photographers’ work and realise I need to up my game

I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I do it for fun, as an outlet for pent up creativity and because I enjoy creating stuff. My drawing skills are pitiful, my model making worse and don’t get me started on painting.

But my ability to compose and structure a shot, to direct a model to create something in front of the lens, well I don’t think I’m half bad at it.

I look at the images I take and nod proudly because I know the work that went into getting them. Likes and retweets and comments make me smile because I know someone somewhere thinks they’re cool too.

Then I look at the work from other photographers. Ones who have been around longer, who have professional status, better portfolios. I look at their images and realise “I’m not good enough”. I sigh and shrug and, for a few moments at least, go into a spiral of self-doubt and self-critique.

Which is the point.

I’ll continue to grow and learn and make mistakes and completely balls things up. I’ll continue to get lucky with a great shot and work to produce a higher standard. I’ll practice with lighting and setups and compositions.


Because I want to do be better. I want to become a more competent and creative photographer. I want images that I can look back on and feel proud.

Hell, I want a retrospective at Tate Modern!

And I guess that’s what drives me on. That desire to always improve, always be better.

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