I will lend you my home for your fetishes

I will lend you my home for your fetishes

When I divorced my first wife I was left with enough equity from our shared house to buy my own. It’s a small cottage, but for a couple of years it was mine and mine alone. After years, decades even, of having to keep my fetish hidden in boxes and wardrobes I was able to be open about my love of latex and bondage. I was free in ways that I hadn’t experienced before.

Slowly I began to reach out and network with others. So often I encountered people who were trapped. They shared houses or had flats where they weren’t able to be open about who they were. They had to keep a part of themselves tucked away just as I had once done. I empathised with them.

Occasionally I thought there was enough of a connection that I offered my home as a place for them to escape to. No intention of play or intimacy, just a place where they could be themselves for a few hours. Sometimes the offer was accepted, sometimes not.

Those who did “visit” (as it was called) were an interesting collection. Sometimes we sat drinking tea in latex and PVC, sometimes they were on the floor in bondage, struggling away as I sat patiently on the sofa reading and keeping an eye on them. Always there was conversation and I watched these people change and grow as they found themselves.

Eventually I met a wonderful rubber fetishist whose kink was hidden from her flatmates. I invited her to my home to be herself and fourteen months later she moved in.

My home – our home – isn’t a place for others to escape to any longer. But I hope there are others out there who are willing to open their homes to those who aren’t as lucky, and who allow lost fetishists to discover themselves for a few hours.

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