If you don’t want it shared, don’t post it

It never ceases to amaze me how often I see people complaining their personal pics from Facebook or Fetlife have been put on Tumblr. They seem surprised that someone has gone to trouble and effort to bypass whatever protections are in place, download an image and post it elsewhere. Rightly they take exception and complain about privacy and copyright.

In an ideal world this should never happen.

But this isn’t an ideal world.

Arseholes who thrive on the thrill of collecting and sharing images exist and probably always will. It seems to be an inherent part of human nature that can, for some, be so strong as to override any harm that might be caused by sharing an image intended to be private. But then again, perhaps the assumption in our minds is anything that has been shared cannot, by definition, be private.

The advice is – and probably always will be – if you don’t want to come across it one day on Tumblr, Buzzfeed or Twitter don’t share it.

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