In from the cold

It took me about 2 hours to get home last night. And it was cold. Damned freezing.

Guys, you know what happens when you get cold. That’s not the time to go wandering round in the posing pouch!

It is the time for your slut of the moment to greet you at the door, welcome you home and offer to bring some life back into the little fella. So stand in the bathroom, undress and let the warm air waft round as she kneels down and starts stroking

… and caressing

…… and kissing

and then feel that warm, moist joy as she takes you in her mouth and the little fella responds.

Yes, I love looking down at her and watching her head move as she takes me deeper and deeper inside her.

Cold does something else to you. Or more precisely, coming out of the cold and into the warmth does something else. I could feel the climax building inside me. Our agreement – I withdraw, she closes her eyes

… I feel it building

……. I come out

………… she prepares herself

And two cups of airline coffee and a bottle of Lucozade catch us both out completely.

Instead of a face covered in creamy cum I’m drowning her. She’s too shocked to do anything. I can’t stop.

So for the first time she gets drenched in piss.

All she can do is stay there, because if she moves it gets fired across the bathroom. At least she’s in the way!

A minute later and the torrent is over. I’m in floods of tears of laughter. She’s soaking wet and furious. Various rude words are said. A couple in my direction.

“Your fault,” I said.


“Should’ve opened and given me something to aim at.”

Then we’re both laughing.

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