I’ve given up Twitter for a while

I don’t know why or how, but Twitter has been getting really shitty of late. It’s been building up for a while, but it seems like the polarisation of our viewpoints into complete, blinding binary have reached their pinnacle. There’s no longer space for discussion or debate. Polite disagreement is not allowed. Threats of violence, name calling and accusations of bigotry for opposing views have become the norm.

And I’m tired of it.

Quite why it’s come to this I don’t know. My Twitter world, when I returned, was full of lovely kinky people being fun and happy. They were sharing images and stories. It was a laugh.

Maybe I followed the wrong accounts. Maybe I replied to the wrong things or reacted to the wrong trends. Whatever it was “Kinky Twitter” became “Shouty Twitter”, then “Angry Twitter” and finally “What the fuck has it to do with you” Twitter. My timeline became full of arguments about abortion, the US Presidential Debate, Body Shaming, Brexit and every other fucking reason for one human to hate another. It got to the point where I couldn’t stand opening Twitter any longer and took shelter in the tightly controlled world of Tweetdeck where all I saw were the hashtags I selected and people I wanted to.

That didn’t last long.

I slipped onto Twitter once or twice to clear down notifications. I got drawn into arguments. Even if I didn’t get involved I found myself screaming at my iPad.

Yesterday it hit a peak. The Chad Evans trial had come to a conclusion and I was seeing all kinds of hatred fired in all directions. On the one hand those who supported him were baying for the blood of his accuser. On the other it was a travesty of justice and he was still guilty. I waded in, offering my own 10 tweet assessment and viewpoint in a calm and measured way.

When I woke this morning and turned on Twitter and saw my list of Tweets I wondered what the hell had happened. How had I gone from tweeting about safety in BDSM, random bits of erotica and photos of women tied up to trying to set out my thoughts on a rape trial?

Throughout the day I mulled this over and then, after a nice cup of tea (I am English after all!) I decided “fuck it, Twitter can step aside.” I’ll stop wasting my time getting annoyed over the shit I see on Twitter by stopping using it.

So there you go, people. Twitter has come to an end. Maybe not permanently, but certainly for the time being.

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