Question of the day: should I restart Tumblr?

Kinky Twitter is an infuriating place to be. Increasingly it seems to be polarising into grandstanding, political bubbles and trolling. I’ve found myself caught up in it to the point that I took a break from it to get it out of my system, doing nothing more than post pre-scheduled images and erotica. It’s deleted from my phone, tablet and Mac so that I have to proactively decide to open the browser window to look at my timeline.

And it is glorious!

But there was something else going on during this period. I saw a spike in traffic here from Tumblr. Someone had stumbled across some old posts, reshared a couple and that brought a few people into my world.

I used to like Tumblr. It was a neat place to stumble across new photographers or models and comments were limited to what people saw in front of them rather than placing their own political spin on everything. Of course there are bubbles of politics and fuckwittery, just as there are everywhere, but the interaction seemed lower and more focused.

Time pressures and my determination not to turn this blog into a time consuming commercial venture meant I drifted away. Now I’m rethinking how I use Social Media and what I want from it I’m starting to think a return to Tumblr might be in order. It’s neat place just to share stuff and see what happens, and appears to come with less hassle factor than Twitter.

So we’ll see and maybe a return to Tumblr could happen in the coming weeks.

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