Is Race Play little more than a hiding place for racists?

Is Race Play little more than a hiding place for racists?

Apparently there are “White Plantations” where black and white people can go to experience US style slavery as part of their race play fetish. It prompted a post on the topic at the InnerStanding blog and as was to be expected a variety of comments appeared both supporting and condemning the practice.

I’ve encountered race play and used it in my own play to a limited extent. I have not come across this plantation form before, but it does not surprise me that it exists any more than I was surprised to hear about OWK all those years ago.

I offer this as no more than my own experience…

The key word here is PLAY. This is about fantasy and bringing it into reality in a safe, sane and consensual way. Where race PLAY takes place both parties are agreeing to it happening and both parties get something from it.

In my experience the people who play (both top and bottom) are some of the most balanced individuals that I know and have great awareness of issues of race and racism. They would not consider it acceptable behaviour to use their private play dynamic in public, nor do they hold thoughts that one race is inferior or superior anymore than anyone else does.

To the outside world this can appear horrific and disgusting and wildly unacceptable. If you are in this camp the simple thing to do is not play the game. No one who follows the safe, sane and consensual creed that existed in BDSM pre-50 Shades will have any problem with that at all.

However …

I accept there are individuals who are going to find this form of play exciting because it gives an outlet for genuinely held racist views. They see race play not as an exciting and (contradictory) loving act between partners, but as a source of “meat to abuse and get away with it.”

These people I have no time for. I personally view them as no better than the abusers who see submissives as an outlet for their sadistic preferences, or the rapists who hide behind the “but it was kinky sex” defence.

It is this latter group of people that our contempt should be turned towards, not those who have found an unusual outlet for their sexuality.

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