So where’s a teen to go?

Big drama on Twitter as a 14/15 year old girl is outed. She’s not pretended to be anything, just said she’s a “little” and started contacting people she might relate to. No one’s sure why because, frankly, no one’s asking.

So let’s assume for a moment this person is what they say they are – an early teens girl who’s identifying as a submissive. How’s she supposed to get help? How she’s supposed to find someone who will protect or mentor her so she doesn’t inadvertently walk into a shit-storm? The support networks and information that’s available to someone over 18 are denied them, mostly I suspect because people are fearful that any contact with a teenager will expose them to claims of abuse and “grooming”.

And yet someone without a lot of life experience and confused feelings about a possible entry into the lifestyle might well be the sort of vulnerable person to be exploited by those who have less integrity.

I started realising I was kinky when I was barely in my teens. There was no Internet back then, no social media to turn to. I just had to make it up as I went along and god knows how much easier it would have been for me if someone had been there to allow me to participate in their community of like minded individuals and discover who I was with a lot less heartache.

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