Sorry, but your chaperone isn’t welcome on set

Sorry, but your chaperone isn’t welcome on set

I don’t have a problem with chaperones accompanying models. They’re more than welcome to come into the studio, check the place out and make sure the person they’re chaperoning is OK. After that they’re also welcome to sit outside in their car, in the changing room behind a closed door or pop off for a coffee and generally keep out of the way.


Frankly my focus is – and should be – on the images we’re going to create together. I should be concentrating on lighting, composition and – of course – whether you’re safe.

I shouldn’t be wondering what the chaperone is going to do next. We shouldn’t be distracted by them knocking over a light or, worse still, deciding they don’t want you to do this sort of shoot (yep, had that one!) Certainly I don’t want them merrily snapping their own images on my time (had this one too).

Of course this isn’t for everyone. I know there are models who want their chaperone on set and that’s fine. They’ll feel safer and view any photographer who says otherwise as “creepy” or “weird”. And that’s fine too. It’s their opinion and I would never force someone to do a shoot they weren’t entirely happy with.

So please, do bring your chaperone to the studio if that’s what you need to make sure everything is safe and sensible. Just make sure you’re OK with them leaving the set once we’re ready to start shooting.

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