Spent a couple of hours uploading old images

After I trashed the blog in a major “I just need some space” moment I decided to upload some of the old ones to fill a bit of space and help the old search engine rankings a bit.

I realised the way I’d built the blog made this a bit of a nightmare. It picks up images based on a particular template and feeds them into the various galleries so I don’t have to waste time sorting stuff out.

However …

In order to repopulate the galleries each of the newly uploaded images needed to have a page created for it. End result: a lot of effort on my part to create pages and a whole bunch of stuff that’s suddenly appeared in February 2015.

Still, it was worth it and now things are getting back on track. I’ve got a half dozen new sets of images to work through and I’m planning more shoots. I suspect 2016 is going to be a busy and kinky year!

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