“Stop trying to steal my slaves!”

“Stop trying to steal my slaves!”

How often have you seen that cry on your timeline? A Mistress complains that another has started following their followers, perhaps contacting them directly, maybe even convincing one or two to change allegiance. Sometimes the cries can become so loud that the most dedicated of followers can gang up on the newcomer, threaten them or even drive them off of Twitter completely.

The harsh reality is that professional domination, whatever form it takes, is business. The “Mistress” or “Dominant” is a supplier of services that the customer (the slave, submissive, paypig or whatever else they might be called) purchases. As such the rules of business apply and as a Japanese proverb puts it, “Business is War.”

To put it simply, not only is following the followers of a competitor good practice, it is actively encouraged in almost every other field of small business.

Following != Theft

Breaking into someone’s computer to steal their customer list (as BA once did to Virgin) isn’t ethical and isn’t legal. A Femdomme or Maledom who did that would deserve to be punished to the fullest extent the law allows. Only Twitter isn’t a private affair. Follower lists are often left public for anyone to see and being on Twitter, by definition, means you are open to being followed by anyone with an account. Once you have been followed and follow back you’ve signalled an interest.

Complaining that someone is “taking business from you”, to the outside world at least, gives the impression that the tweeter either doesn’t understand Twitter or isn’t secure enough to hold onto their own submissives. It may also have the opposite effect, pushing those who are fans or wavering into the arms of the other.

Build loyalty with your slaves

Given the intense loyalty that some submissives can feel towards their Dominants such complaints can also trigger unwanted behaviours. Trolling, direct attacks and even personal threats have been directed at so-called “thieves”. This quickly turns them into being the victim, can lead to follower accounts being suspended and creates the impression the Dominant can’t control their slaves.

All of this would imply staying silent is an appropriate response, as happens in much of the rest of the business world. Certainly the most effective way to protect the customer base is to continue to put out content that engages. If followers are being lured away then either they just weren’t as loyal as you thought, or something needs to be done to improve engagement.

Subtle hints into the follower base can also be applied. Rather than directing an attack at an external force, a better approach would be to require the submissive to look inward. “I expect my followers to be submissive only to me. What have you done to please me?” would be far more effective than directing an attack at someone that prompts followers to go look at a different account.

Bottom Line: don’t be a shouty domme

Follower bases shift constantly as new ones are found and others grow tired and move on. Rather than shouting at the next Mistress to follow a “slave” it may be better to take a look at what you’re doing and check it is still working.

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