What an awful year 2016 was

Posted in random thoughts on Sunday, 25th December 2016

2016 has been one hell of a year. The first half was OK, nothing special really, then all hell broke lose after the June referendum. I won’t dwell on it, but suffices to say my business suffered, I got caught in many arguments with people about politics and frankly the whole thing became quite overwhelming. So much so that for a second time I committed Twittercide, stopped doing shoots and seriously considered closing this blog down.


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I couldn’t do that. At the end of the day my kinks are part of who I am and this site and my photography is a component of how I express it.

After being disconnected for a while I realised I’d allowed myself to get stuck in a bubble of negativity. Most of what was coming at me on my Twitter timeline wasn’t kink related – it was increasingly frantic shouting by polar extremes of the debates. Each time I saw a tweet or got involved in an argument about some aspect of the debate I realised both sides were behaving in the same way.

When I sit down at my Kinky Twitter I want to experience Kink. I want to see images of people enjoying their fetishes or reading how so-and-so has just had a great experience, or feel a little sadness and offer a little support to someone having a hard time of it. That’s my mindset and so encountering the political stuff took its toll. It impinged on my fetish world and I guess the frustration finally got to me.

(Oh, and if you think that’s me overreacting just remember there’s a bigger picture involved and this is only a part of it).

So lesson learned. I’m keeping away from the politics on Kinky Twitter and restricting who I follow. I’ll make more use of Tweetdeck and lists to track the stuff I like and want to share. There will be more promotion of my work to encourage people to visit this site and read my more considered thoughts.

Perhaps more importantly I will start to sell my erotica and possibly prints. This isn’t about wanting to make huge swathes of money, but rather running the site and creating the content has a cost attached. It isn’t a huge cost, but it is one nevertheless and I would like to recoup at least some of it. Before you start worrying I’m about to introduce a paywall that isn’t going to happen. Nor am I about to crowd my pages with adverts. It will remain promotion free – all of that will happen on Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

So 2016 finishes and pretty much gets written off as a “bit of a shit year” albeit with some valuable lessons to learn. Let’s hope 2017 is a better one.

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