Which fictional character would you play with?

It pops up on forums all over the Geekverse – which fictional character would you have sex with. Or in a BDSM context, which would you dominate or submit to.

After some time (and this is purely for fun!) I’ve got my list…

I’d take a couple of the 8s from Battlestar Galactica because that whole shackles and identical twin thing would be absolutely OK.

Bev Crusher would be on the rope bunny list. Just think – no need to carry any rope around just ask the computer to whizz it up out of thin air and pop down to the holodeck for endless variations and scenes. My trusty “out of order” sign will come in useful.

Mystique. But blue Mystique from the original X-men. Great that she can do the shape shifting thing, but I’d want her in her own beautiful form.

Oh, and overseeing all of this would be Amelie. Nice to have someone sweet and innocent around to corrupt completely!

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