Why do we have to be so binary on social media?

Why do we have to be so binary on social media?

After my self-imposed exile I’d forgotten all about the “you’re not a feminist therefore rape apologist feminazi liberal conservative” name calling that takes place on Twitter. It seems to be a sign of how binary and extreme shouty people can become in this online, quasi-anonymous social media landscape. Instead of debate and finding the consensus and disagreements in the shades of grey we just jump straight into name calling.

The more desperate we are to validate our personal worldview in front of growing follower counts the quicker we seem to rush into shame and ridicule those who disagree with us. Even if that disagreement is on one minor point.

When our followers start to question our motives then we become compelled to justify our actions. We blocked and screenshot for a good reason. A reason that is then attacked and so the cycle goes round again.

And for what reason? Because we think the 11.7K followers are hanging on our every word? Or because we’re talking to a small group who we subconsciously know will agree with us and therefore validate and reinforce our worldview?

For my part I shall work hard to avoid diving into the arguments again, and certainly I’ll aim to avoid engaging those whose natural reaction to anything they disagree with is to start the insults and accusations flying.

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