A visit to a Mistress in Scotland

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Girl in latex catsuit standing by white background

I was bound. I was gagged. I was blindfolded. I’d only know this beautiful woman for an hour and already I was helpless for her. I’d opened up to her and shown her who I truly was and she’d willingly taken me and pushed me to my limits.

It had started simply enough. A business trip to Edinburgh gave me some free time to explore. Having already seen the city I decided it was time to scratch the itch that lonesome fetishists feel and visit a professional. Some scouring of various sites and I found her – a slim red head with a profile that made frequent mention of her own fetish for latex. Brief exchanges of emails followed, then an appointment and finally my wandering around the backstreets of the Scottish capital until the appointed hour.

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She greeted me in a form fitting latex catsuit and thigh boots, hidden beneath a robe. I was commanded to kneel before her as she sat in her chair and we chatted about limits and interests and wants and desires. Then I was despatched to change into my own red catsuit, which I eagerly did.

Time flew. I was on my knees kissing her boots and being praised for my attention to detail. Madame (not Mistress) encouraged me to polish her latex and punished me when I didn’t perform as she expected. She took me on a journey deeper into my own need for submission and I followed her eagerly.

“I love your latex,” she told me. “I want to show you to my friend. Is that all right?”

There was, she had explained, another Mistress who was with one of her own slaves and I wasn’t to be upset if I heard noises.

“Yes, Madame,” I replied instantly.

My wrists, already cuffed, were locked behind my back and a short chain threaded between the cuffs around my ankles to hobble me. My mouth eagerly accepted the ball gag she pressed between my teeth. I watched her closely, admiring her and wanting so very much to please her.

With a short chain leash attached to the collar round my neck she led me out of the room we had been in and along the hallway outside. For those few metres I enjoyed the sight of her bottom and hips swaying in their tight latex sheath. It was a guilty pleasure.

Outside the door she pulled me closer to her on the leash and winked, a mischievous smile on her thin red lips. Then she reached behind my head and a moment later everything went dark as a blindfold came down across my eyes.

Suddenly I was overly aware of my surroundings. I could hear her heels shifting slightly on the wood and the creak of our rubber costumes. I could feel the sweat inside my suit and the occasional patches of cool air blowing across it as she moved. And I could smell the strong odour of hot latex, its wonderful aroma so intoxicating.

“Mistress,” I heard her say the moment after she opened the door, “can I interrupt you?”

“Yes,” said a woman with an accent much stronger than Madame’s soft Edinburgh one. “Of course you can, Madame.”

“I’ve got this wonderful English rubber doll I’ve been playing with and I wondered if you’d like to have a look at him?”

“Of course! Bring him in!”

The leash tugged a little and I started shuffling forward. I was bound. I was gagged. I was blindfolded. Not even an hour had passed since I’d met this enchanting woman and yet I was on her leash being led into a room with another woman.

Who knew who this person was. I might have been walking into a live cam session, or a photo shoot or a meeting with the local politicians.

Yet I went there willingly. I went there out of a desire, misguided though it might have been, to please Madame.

I was brought to a halt after two or three metres of shuffling. From the echoing of Madame’s heels and my own self awareness I assumed I was at one end of a long, empty room.

“My word,” said Mistress, from what I deduced was the other end of the room, “what a fine rubber doll you have there, Madame.”

Heels came towards me. Not the light, delicate movements of Madame, but heavier, more imposing ones. They circled me, completing a full circuit before settling behind me. I could feel she was close to me, so close I dared not move in case I accidentally touched her.

“It looks delightful, Madame,” she said so close I could almost feel her breath. “What’s it’s best feature?”

“His bottom. Definitely his bottom.”

“Let’s see.”

I lifted my hands into the small of my back, exposing my buttocks. I could feel the zip pulling between them and no doubt accentuating my shape.

“Push your bottom out a little more,” Mistress instructed and I obeyed.

After a few moments of what I took to be careful inspection she said, “Oh yes. A very nice bottom. Has it been spanked yet?”

It had. Madame had me lie across her lap and then beaten me with hand and paddle. My bottom still tingled a little and my cheeks flushed as I remembered how much I’d enjoyed it.

“Yes he has, Mistress.”

Something came near my bottom, perhaps a hand tracing the outline of its shape.

“Is it being a good rubber doll for you, Madame?”

“He is, Mistress,” said Madame warmly. “Very obedient and attentive.”

“Did you hear that, slave?” Mistress snapped at someone else in the room.

A moment of shock took me and I gasped quietly from behind the gag. Immediately I regretted it and tensed a little, though why I didn’t know.

“Ah, not so perfect. Appears it doesn’t quite know how to keep quiet.”

The leash snapped tight and I was pulled forward. When she spoke her voice was hushed but firm, full of disappointment and anger in a way I’d not heard from her before.

“Shut up unless you’re spoken to, understand?”

I nodded.

Suddenly I was caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Hands were placed on my shoulders, turning me ninety degrees and pushing me forward so I was bent further over. My head settled on something soft, but it was a few moments before I realised Mistress was using her bust to rest my head against as she held me down. Caught off balance and afraid I might fall I did nothing but stay as still as I could.

Something whooshed through the air and then my backside exploded in fire. I jerked upwards, only for Mistress to hold me firmly, keeping me bent over. I was aware enough to keep my hands up my back and out of harm’s way.

By the time the sixth and final strike of the paddle faded my legs were shaking and I was close to tears. My bottom hurt so badly, the latex forming a thin protective layer that stopped the air from cooling the wounds. I’d been beaten before, beaten until my backside bled and it was hard to sit, but this was more intense. It wasn’t just the pain, it was the humiliation of being held down by one woman while another tortured me. More than that, it was the fact that I had come to trust and adore my torturer.

Madame straightened me up, steadying me as I tried to regain my breath. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, the latex mask seeming to amplify the sound. My bottom throbbed as the pain burned deep inside. My legs somehow managed to keep me upright.

“Did you enjoy that?”

Slowly I nodded my head. I had enjoyed it. I was enjoying it.

“Not you, idiot,” snapped Mistress. “I was talking to Madame!”

I cowered, expecting more pain to come my way. That it didn’t almost disappointed me.

“Oh yes, Mistress,” said Madame. “There’s nothing like beating someone when they least expect it.”

“And you, slave? Did you enjoy watching?”

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“Mistress, thank you, Mistress,” said a gruff male voice from across the room.

The leash was tightened again as Madame walked towards the door. I followed behind in a slow, painful shuffle.

“I’ll let you get back on with your slave, Mistress,” she said.

“Thank you for bringing yours to show me, Madame,” was the reply.

I was led back to our room, left blindfolded in the corner as Madame prepared herself to continue her complete domination of me.

As our time together came towards its end I found myself strapped out eagle on her bed. She sat astride me, her bottom holding my chin back and my head back. Around my balls was rope looped over a pulley above me, the end of which she held firmly in her hand.

The game was simple: she asked me a question and if she liked my answer she would raise herself up enough for me to kiss and lick her bottom. If she didn’t she pulled the rope tighter, stretching my balls further.

I was trying to arch my back, lift my hips away from the bed and take some pressure off my balls, but it wasn’t working. If it was too noticeable she’d slap my cock. If I cried out when I dropped down again she punched my balls.

It was agony.

There was a knock on the door. Madame reached round, pulling the blindfold down back over my eyes.

“Come in,” she said and for good measure tugged on the rope again.

“I see you still have him,” said Mistress.

“Oh yes,” said Madame. “Just about.”

I felt the mattress yield as she sat by my side. There was a pause and then what sounded like the two women kissing.

My cock twitched.

Someone hit it and I held in the scream.

“Have you enjoyed being Madame’s rubber doll?” Asked Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied eagerly.

Madame lifted herself up and I reached out, kissing the sweet latex pulled so taut across her bottom. I was allowed a handful before she sat down again.

“Did you enjoy being spanked in front of another slave?”

I hesitated, unsure what to think. The rope helped me, pulled sharply upwards and forcing me to lift myself up on my hips.

“Yes, Mistress,” I cried out.

“Why?” Asked Madame, still holding the rope in tension.

“I liked knowing there was someone else watching and knowing I was even more submissive than him.”

Mistress laughed.

“More submissive? I doubt that!”

Madame lifted herself onto me. Hungrily I lapped at her latex, desperate to distract myself from the pain in my groin. After a few seconds she released the tension on the rope and slipped back onto my chest.

“I have a question for you,” Mistress said thoughtfully. “If I’d told you to kneel down in front of him and suck his cock off would you have?”

“No, Mistress” I said without hesitating.

There was some movement, perhaps a disagreement between them as to what to do to me.

“What if I’d told you to?” Asked Madame gently.

I hesitated. There was genuine conflict in me.

“Yes, Madame,” I said. I wasn’t sure if it was the truth, so I added, “I think I would, Madame.”

She laughed, pulling on the rope until I thought my balls would break. I missed Mistress getting off the bed, and nearly didn’t hear the door being closed. I did feel the clammy touch of lubricated latex on my throbbing cock and the gentle action of Madame rolling a condom along my shaft.

The rope went slack as she moved, turning round and repositioning herself so that when the blindfold came off I was looking along her flat stomach, between the small mounds of her breasts and straight into her beautiful face.

I licked and kissed and smelt the wonderful warm latex between her legs as she rocked her hips back and forth across my face. My eyes were fixed on hers and my ears heard nothing but her soft voice as she tormented me with her words. I would do anything for her, she told me, because I was a rubber doll and she would use my fetish against me. She told me how I would worship her latex clad body and kiss the chair she’d been sat in. I would suck Mistress’s slave’s cock until he came and I would swallow his semen because if I pleased her I would be allowed to worship her again.

Everything she said I agreed with, completely absorbed in the beautiful taste of her rubber. My hips rolled, using the taut rope to pleasure me, bringing my hard, swollen cock closer to orgasm.

“Cum for me,” she told me. “Cum now.”

I did. I came so hard. I filled the condom with all the frustration of waiting for my visit and the intensity of our couple of hours together. As my orgasm faded and she released me from the bonds that held me spread on the bed I felt exhausted and drained and helpless.

There was more.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, recovering my senses, she lay back on it, holding my head so as to guide me down with her. The condom, so expertly removed I hadn’t noticed, appeared and she up ended it on her chest. I watched for a moment as my quickly thinning juice rolled slowly down between her breasts towards her stomach, then responded to her pressing on the back of my head.

I went down, slurping up my cum from her body. Though drained I couldn’t help but feel excitement growing again as once more I tasted her latex and my cum mixed together.

When I thought it was all gone I moved to back away, but she was having none of it. I was held against her breast, encouraged to suck and chew at her nipple while her other hand played with her wet pussy.

She came quietly, rolling her head from side to side as she let out a low moan that signalled her orgasm had come. When it was over I was pushed to one side and a vague pointing gesture directed me to the correct place to kneel on the floor.

The contract never happened and I didn’t return to Scotland. I wonder what would have happened if I did. I know I would have seen this beautiful creature again. I know that given time I would have become a loyal and devoted rubber submissive to her, had she allowed me.

But what else? Would I have surrendered to Mistress and her slaves? Would their competitiveness have driven me to perform ever more extreme and degrading acts?

Unfortunately only my fantasies can answer that question.

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