My past 4 photoshoot attempts have been disasters

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong, but something isn’t right. As someone who doesn’t believe in “luck” it clearly means somewhere I’m making mistakes.

The recent history:

Attempt 1: the working environment was piss-poor, basically we were shooting in a conservatory on a hot, sunny day. End result was lots of sweating, I nearly passed out and results that were disappointing.

Attempt 2: the model rang me two days before the shoot to say she couldn’t make it. Not heard of again and her profile has vanished.

Attempt 3: looked good until it turned out the model is a cat lover and I have allergies. Shoot cancelled.

Attempt 4: I arrived at the model’s home to be asked “is this the same style as last time?” and then informed her children were upstairs. Shoot didn’t happen.

Common thread: working at the model’s home.

I’ve gotten tired of studio work and wanted to shoot more casual and candid work. I’ve had a lot of success with this in the past (see Bad Dolly, Emma and of course Fiona), just I seem to be doing something wrong. Maybe I’m not vetting the models correctly, or not asking the right questions.

Even my studio work hasn’t been great as I managed to pick a model who’s kid got rushed to hospital mid-shoot and another who spent more time trying to take selfies than posing. (OK, the former was unfortunate and no one’s fault, it was just a thing that happened and the kiddie was OK in the end.)

The common factor in all of this is of course me. While this might come across as a bit of a bitch about the unreliability of models and how put upon I’ve been the bottom line is it is me who needs to change. I need to improve my vetting, take more control of my shoots and maybe, just maybe, reintroduce my home studio.

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