Things to do in 2018

Things to do in 2018

This past year has been a bit flat on the kinky front. Of course Tinky and I played a fair bit and we continued to add to our rĂ©pertoire of kinky games and interests. It just wasn’t very creative.

There are numerous reasons for this. I was disenchanted by a couple of disappointing shoots and a couple that failed to happen. We’d planned on making a major lifestyle change that fell through. Thanks to Brexit killing my markets I very nearly lost my business. And having to contend with my racist parents lording it over my pro-European views hasn’t helped.

(On the plus side I’ve sold quite a few copies of my various erotic short-stories!)

2018, I’ve decided, has to be more creative.

While my cashflow is slowly improving, I won’t be able to spend the kind of money I did in the past on shoots. Nor will I be able to build up large collections of props and costumes. But I will be getting back in the studio and I will be creating new images.


One thing I have learnt from the past few months is that I can at least recover some of the costs of my efforts. It means I will be looking at ways to “monetize” (horrible word) my creative outpourings. This doesn’t mean I’ll be slamming the door shut on this site with a paywall, but it will mean looking at ways of extending my income from BDSM. More books, photobooks and pay-per-view clips are on the cards.

I doubt I’ll be giving up my day job any time soon and living the life of a Porn Baron. To be honest, it would be nice just to cover my costs so I can do more and do it more often.

For the moment just keep your eyes on this site and the somewhat stalled Twitter feed. By Easter some changes will have come.

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