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Training her White Slave: a Kindle eBook

Training her White Slave: a Kindle eBook

What would you do if you worshipped a woman so completely she told you to end your marriage?

John has become a white slave to a Black Mistress Chloe and now he’s ready to commit to a lifetime of ownership and abuse. But before he can be truly owned he has to confess everything to his wife. And she wants details.

We relive John’s willing descent into sexual submission: his first ball busting session where he’s abused for the colour of his skin; the time he’s spit roasted for Mistress’s pleasure by men and women alike, and his final act of worship as he’s beaten until he bleeds with an anonymous doll watching on.

But what does John’s future hold? Will he be what he craves – a white slave to a Black Woman – or does his wife have other plans for her submissive husband?

Training her white slave is <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><b>available now on Kindle.</b></a>

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Tied for their Entertainment

When Su's offered a "Compensated Dating" deal that pays well and doesn't require touching the client she jumps at the chance.

Tied for their Entertainment is a tale of BDSM and domination that spans an escort's single evening. It features girl-on-girl domination, bondage, bukkake and humiliation.

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