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What to do next?

To be honest I’ve been pondering what to do next. Some changes are coming to UK law that’s going to make it a bit harder and more expensive to run the blog. For the moment at least I’ve pretty much given up on fetish photography on account of becoming bored with it (again). There are also got some big changes coming up personally that have been distracting (in a positive way).

But that’s OK – I just need a period of renewal and then I’ll bounce back.

After that I’ll need to get off my proverbial, stop procrastinating and start turning my half-arsed, crazy ideas into real plans. I’ll need to rework the blog, get in the studio again (briefly) and spend more time behind the keyboard and less pondering Life, The Universe, Everything.

I know I’m probably shouting to an audience of 0 but sometimes it feels good just to write these things down and put them out there. It makes it feel more real, like now I HAVE to do something because I said it and somewhere it’s been archived to be used against me in a court of law.

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I'm a creative dominant type with a love of BDSM and fetishism. This blog is an outlet, so don't take anything you see or read too seriously.

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