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When Hayley got gagged

When Hayley got gagged

The thing is Hayley has the gift of the gab. And sometimes, when a model likes to chat, there’s only one thing you can do. So open wide, let’s push the ball gag between those teeth of yours and then you can bite down for comfort.

And maybe I can have some peace and quiet while I shoot…

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I’m a creative dominant type with a love of BDSM and fetishism. This blog is an outlet, so don’t take anything you see or read too seriously.

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Training her white slave

What would you do if you worshipped a woman so completely she told you to end your marriage?

John has submitted to Chloe, but as he commits to becoming her white slave he has one last task to prove himself. He has to confess everything to his wife - and she wants details.

Training her White Slave is a tale of BDSM that focuses heavily on race play, sadism and humiliation. It's not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

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