You know that’s a guy, right?

Yes. Yes I do.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Because it wasn’t like I was paying attention to said individual. I’d not noticed them. I wasn’t even aware they existed.

Now I do.

Not because they’ve a spiffing personality and a wonderful taste in floral dresses that’s immediately attracted me to them and made me want to rush over and make them my BFF. For all I know they could be a complete arsehole. It’s just now they’ve become “an issue” to you.

Yes, so you probably think it’s a little unusual or humorous or whatever else is going on between your ears. Maybe you’re embarrassed because tonight you’re going home and putting on the wife’s underwear (but that’s purely for comfort, right?) Maybe you can’t comprehend the possibility that someone chooses to dress in a way that defies your concept of “normal” because they enjoy it. Because it expresses who they are. Because they’ve just survived a fire that’s destroyed all they own and that was all the neighbours had to offer.

If you’d kept it to yourself that would’ve been fine. There’s no tax on stupid thoughts and what we think isn’t policed – yet. Only now you’ve dragged me into your normality and I’m just the guy sat on the next table drinking his coffee and reading his Twitter timeline who apparently needs to be disturbed so you can offer your astounding insight that yes, that probably is a man in a dress.

So I sigh, nod, point to the girl in the tight blue jeans by the counter and say, “Gosh, there’s a woman in trousers. Whatever next? The vote?”

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