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You’ll never be someone’s Master if you’re a dick on Google+

You’ll never be someone’s Master if you’re a dick on Google+

It took barely 10 minutes. I posted in one of the bondage communities on Google+. It was a link to a gallery of Turkish in bondage. In just under 10 minutes 2 comments had appeared.

“Nice and bdsm is my way of life. Im a master in need of a sub for my wife and I” and the classic, May I be your master please say yes”

I’m not even going to go with the obvious “didn’t read a profile”. There’s no point. These keyboard “masters” have no idea and no matter what you say they’ll just keep on going.

So here’s a tip for you if you’re looking at these threads and thinking, “Wow, this must work.”

It doesn’t.


It really, really doesn’t.

No, seriously, it doesn’t work.


What works is being respectful. What works is reading profiles and approaching in kind. What works is engaging with people, building a reputation and proving to the submissive or dominant who is waiting for you out there you’re not a creep.

If you want to play the short game – do so. Enjoy that quick wank you get from “ooh, I want to be your master”. In fact enjoy all those quickies because unsatisfying wanks is all you’ll be getting.

If you’re serious about finding a partner, take time, build a reputation and be a decent person.

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