2019 is coming and here’s what we can expect

Yes, it’s that time of the year which means I need to make some predictions for the coming 12 months. Apparently this is a tradition. Who am I to usurp tradition

Red Christmas Hats

I expect a lot of images to do the rounds where the only “Christmas” element is to put a red Christmas hat on the model. This is due to a complete lack of planning on the part of the photographer to get their decent Chrissie shots done in June.

Photo studios will be fully booked until 14th February

Loads of guys will get cameras for the first time this Christmas. They’ll book studio space which means bumper bookings for about 6 weeks until the novelty wears off.

More models to shoot from February to April

Big credit card bills means more people will turn to modelling to make an extra bit of cash on the side. Expect an uptick in “first bondage shoot” type sets through to the end of May.

UK runs out of models in April

If the Daily Mail is to be believed, the entire EU population of the UK will leave the country in April. That will mean we’ll be left with 1 fetish model.

She will be very busy.

(If that’s you, well done!)

Porn is turned off in the UK

Later in 2019 I expect the entire Internet to be shut down in the UK following the introduction of the anti-porn laws here. The upside is “Love Island” is banned.

Felicity Kendall saying “Marshmallow” goes viral

By the end of 2019 the whole of the UK will be fixated on a 1980s video. Two weeks later it gets banned (see item 5 above).

UK makes it illegal not to wear socks

With Rees-Mogg now Lord Protector, he passes a law forbidding people from exposing their ankles lest they corrupt the nation. This leads to M&S becoming the most powerful retailer in the country, surpassing Amazon.

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