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Cockygate (or how to piss off the Internet when you write romance)

So a Romance novelist went all Entrepreneur Magazine and copyrighted the word “Cocky”. Then she goes and sends out a bunch of “cease and desist” letters to authors who used the word in their titles.

Bad move.

Aside from the full-on roasting she’s getting on t’internet, there’s also the legal ramifications that are likely to follow. The C&Ds are dubious at best, her work is being trashed and there’s the potential legal costs if she decides to defend her copyright.

I get it. As an author there are bits of my writing I wouldn’t mind slapping a copyright on. And I’m sure, when I’m huge and successful, I’ll take offence at authors nicking my characters (and force them to write a successful, yet badly written pastiche).

Hopefully, though, I won’t descend to the level of stupidity of trying to copyright a common usage word.

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