Surrender on our wedding night

Our wedding night. I sit at the end of the bed in my trousers and shirt, my bare feet dug deep into the warm, soft carpet. My head is a little light from the excitement, perhaps a little from the champagne.

You are in the en suite. I can hear you preparing yourself. Don’t keep me waiting.

My mind goes back to the wedding. How beautiful you looked all in virginal white. How happy you were. How everyone buzzed around you and made you feel like the special creature you are.

The movement in the en suite ends.

There is a pause.

And then the door opens.

You stand there in the doorway, as beautiful as you’ve ever been. Your lingerie is white, the bustier lifting you small pert breasts, the small lace panties a perfect cover for that pretty smooth pussy. Your legs look longer in the sheer white tights and with your calves taut as you balance on your white heels. Did everyone notice how perfectly you balanced on the balls of your feet? How elegantly you walked down the aisle on such high heels?

Around your neck is the collar. Not the discreet silver chain that I gave you those months ago, but the thick black leather collar that I gave you when we reached the suite. You wear it so proudly, even your hair is pulled back so that I can see it clearly.

“You’re beautiful,” I say.

You smile your sweet smile.

“Thank you, sir,” you say.

Walk towards me. Slowly. Those long legs captivating. The sway of your hips delightful. The way your arms gently swing so intoxicating. Not once do you take your eyes from me.

And gently you go to your knees, resting between my open legs.

When we started dating we played at BDSM. There were games and times to play and times to be a “normal” couple. Games lasted longer and a new normal was born. Willingly you became mine. Willingly you took a new place.

There’s no longer play. You are now my slave. My property. Which is why you said, “to honour and obey” and I did not.

Did anybody notice that subtle reference?

“You’re mine,” I tell her.

“Yes, sir,” you say excitedly.

“You’ve sworn an oath to honour and obey me in front of people,” I tell you gently. “You will do what I want, when I want and without question. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, sir.”

You mean it. I can tell from the sincere look on your face and the solemn tone in your voice. But then you meant it when you knelt before me all those months ago and agreed to be mine.

“If you don’t obey every instruction I give you then you will be punished. Sometimes I will hurt you. Sometimes I will humiliate you. Some of my punishments you will enjoy and some you will positively hate. And sometimes I will punish you for no other purpose than my own enjoyment.”

The way you suck at your top lip tells me you are thinking about all the punishments that have gone before. The flicker of a smile shows how much you enjoyed them.

“Thank you, sir,” you say softly. “I am so pleased to be owned by you, sir. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be your property.”

Gently I stoke your cheek. You sigh and shiver as you always do whenever I touch you so tenderly.

“Tonight there will be no punishments. Only pleasure. You will pleasure me and I you.”

“If that’s what you wish, sir,” you say and I cannot tell if that is what you wanted too. It doesn’t matter.

“It is.”

I tap my shirt and your long, delicate fingers reach out, unfastening the buttons. A few moments later your lips encircle my breast, your tongue teasing my nipple as I draw you closer.

You are mine now and you have surrendered to me so beautifully.

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