The end of my photography career

The end of my photography career

I set up a bondage shoot and the model and I spoke on the phone. She said she’d put on a bit of weight and added a dress size since she did her profile.

“So you’re a size 12?” I asked, reading from her profile she was a 10.

“Yes,” she replied.

Not a problem. Costumes are packed, ropes readied and away we go.


Model isn’t a 12. She’s 16-18. And she doesn’t want to do bondage. She just wants to swan about in her underwear or leggings and get paid for it.

I’m used to models asking not to use certain gags or masks or whatever and I never force the issue. But this is way out of order.

I’m not having it.

The shoot is canned. I tell the model in no uncertain terms she is not getting paid. If she wants to make an issue of it I will be more than happy to sue her for the cost of the studio, my time and for the income I’ve lost.

And that’s it. The end of my UK photography career.

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