Unintended long-term chastity

Unintended long-term chastity

I wrote this piece a fair while ago when I was dating a woman who became my Mistress for a while. I thought I’d share it again as inspiration to all those who plan on playing chastity, regardless of which side you want to be.


In the past I’ve only played with chastity within the context of a session. When I’ve entered the session I’ve had my genitals tied or caged and when the session ends I’m let free and off I’ve gone on my merry way.

A few weeks ago, as an experiment to satisfy my curiosity, I purchased a discrete chastity cage and started wearing it to see how it felt. I went off shopping, wore it over a weekend and generally took note of how being unable to reach an erection affected me. As exciting as it was there was something missing – the sense that I wasn’t in control.

When I was chatting to my FWB “Amy” (not her real name, but it’s as good as any) I mentioned the cage and she became rather amused by the idea. Over the next couple of weeks she asked me various questions about what it was like and how it worked, until finally she told me if I wanted to play for real I could send her the key and she’d look after it.

So on FaceTime I locked my genitals away, put the keys to the padlock in separate envelopes and posted them to her. That was ten days ago.

What a mistake!

Teasing started with some vigour. She sent me photos of herself, texts asking questions about how my cock felt, even called me when I was heading home from work and asked me about how I felt.

By the time Friday arrived as I was invited over to be with her I was pretty frustrated and looking forward to a good, long fuck. But no, not for me. We ate a takeaway, we sat on the sofa and watched a film and then we cleared up. It was all very polite and vanilla. There was no suggestion of what might be to come.

Which was because there wasn’t anything. I was just packed off home and she went to bed!

So the texts began again and I got very wound up and when she told me that Saturday she wanted me at her place ready to be released and boy what she was going to do to me on account of it being my birthday and she wanted to see some of the rubber gear I’d been telling her about over the past year or so. A constant barrage of tease and torment that I had to try and put to the back of my mind. Focus on work. Do a good job. Try and get some sleep.

And then disaster.

Manflu struck. A full-on bout of summer cold that has shot my temperature up above the tonne, muddied my head and left me with a streaming nose. No way was I going to be able to get to her place, even if I’d been willing. And it wouldn’t be fair to her either.

So here I am. Still in chastity. Still as frustrated as hell when I let my mind focus down between my legs. Now wondering if I’ll ever get out of this thing. I’m showering daily and doing what I can to keep myself clean, but I’ve got to wonder what happens when I get out.

Of course this is hugely amusing for her. She’s not even a player in the scene, but she’s sure making a good job of being the cruel femdom. I’m just waiting for the announcement that she can’t meet me next weekend, at which point I might take pliers and a knife to the plastic ring holding this thing together.

So here we go. Another bloody week in chastity (at least, depending on how long it takes me to recover from this pigging summer cold). The only hope of release is taking a knife or pair of plyers to the plastic ring around the base of my genitals.

There is a plus side to this, believe it or not. I’m writing again and though there’s nothing worth publishing yet I’m building up my confidence. Maybe chastity is the secret weapon I need to lift my work to the next level.

Frankly though, the quicker I’m out of this thing the better …

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