Updating the website (again)

As 2019 draws closer, I’ve decided it’s time to give the site a refresh.

The site design has had a bit of a change. I’ve put some better navigation in, closed up the page width a tad and made it clearer to see what’s been added.

My ebooks are selling well, so I’ve added a few links to them on Amazon. If you’re thinking “monetising” and “paid subscriptions” and all that stuff, don’t yet. I’ve barely sold enough to cover the cost of the hosting.

There are some changes to the structure in the site as well. I’ve merged the galleries and single images back into one again. Later in 2019 I plan on shooting again, hopefully more often and with some video thrown in for good measure. This has been a real sore point for me, but a dramatic life changing event means I’ve had to replan a few things.

Some more changes will come, not least because of the UK’s “anti-porn laws” which will force me to validate you’re a grown adult before you access the site. I’m working out where the line is before I cross into the ban.

Hopefully the new layout will be a bit more pleasing to the eye. As always, shoot me a note on Twitter or Fetlife with comments.

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I'm a creative dominant type with a love of BDSM and fetishism. This blog is an outlet, so don't take anything you see or read too seriously.