“We’re too busy to upload new content”

“We’re too busy to upload new content”

Sorry, but that isn’t an acceptable excuse for not keeping to your promise to update the member’s area weekly.

I’ve seen it too often. The promise is made. The subscription fees are collected. The first few months sees weekly update after weekly update.

But it’s hard work. Work is the key word. Producing updates takes time, energy and effort that can quickly ebb away. Don’t worry, you tell yourself, the fans will understand.

Only they don’t. They get annoyed. Upset. They cancel. They write nasty things on Twitter or blogs or whatever. If you’re lucky they might come back once in a while to buy something. Maybe a lone video off a clipstore. Or a month’s membership that gets cancelled as soon as it’s paid for. More often it’s taken off Pornhub or Xhamster.

It’s gotten to the stage where I don’t even bother with repeat subscriptions. If I see a site I like, I buy a subscription and cancel it the next day. It gives me 30 days to download what I want and when the login stops working, well that’s fine by me.

You still get a bit of cash and I don’t get to waste mine.

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