Becoming Her Rubber Gimp : race play meets heavy rubber

Becoming Her Rubber Gimp : race play meets heavy rubber

His landlady caught him in his gimpsuit and now she wants to turn him into her own personal gimp.

Forced to rent a room in a family friend’s house, he has little time to spend with his fetish. When she goes away for a weekend, the rare moment alone gives him the chance to bring his rubber fetish to life. He dresses in his favourite latex suit, ties himself to the bed and enjoys his fantasies as a gimp. Only his dreams are shattered when she returns unexpectedly and finds him.

Far from shaming him, she helps him embrace his status as a submissive rubber gimp. She reveals her own lifestyle as a fetish Dominatrix, making him dress her, taking him to a rubber club and punishing him when he fails to live up to expectations.

Becoming Her Rubber Gimp takes place over one weekend and features themes of domination, heavy rubber fetish, latex fetish and BDSM. It isn’t for the easily offended.

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