Sometimes it’s best to say nothing

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing

If you’re going to disengage with a date it’s best to let it go without drama. A polite “thanks, but no thanks” is enough to let someone go. If they ask for more and you feel obligated to offer an opinion, “I don’t think we’re compatible” will do.

One person on Fetlife elected to tell a former soldier she wouldn’t date him because she’s “ethically opposed to the military”. This went about as well as you’d expect. He offered some sarcasm but rather than let it go she went back. Somewhere along the line he told some friends and they piled into her.

Her attempts to paint herself as a victim in a since deleted post didn’t go down well either. The general consensus seemed to be “you did what?” followed by “what did you expect?”

Taking a faux moral high ground when you disengage from date probably won’t do you any favours. Particularly when word gets around you’ve been a bit of an arse.

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