Changes are on their way

Changes are on their way

The UK is forcing adult content creators to put age verification in front of their work. In practice this is likely to involve some kind of credit card based system this system will have to integrate with. Details are sketchy because, bizarrely, the government is a bit distracted at the moment and hasn’t started to enforce the legislation. 

I had hoped to avoid the issue by keeping the site “free to view” and steering the right side of vanilla. Turns out the more militant wing of the “let’s stop people having a sexuality” brigade has a different view. If my reading of what’s going on is correct there is a real risk not only that the site will be blocked to visitors, but also to me. 

It’s more than regulation

There are some other factors coming into play. This site is not cheap to run. Aside from the hosting, there’s the cost of shoots. Brexit also looms large and my vanilla life has gotten in the way of being creative for a bit too long. I was supposed to have moved, only that got scuppered when work fell through. Don’t get me started on Amazon. 

The past few months may have been shit and got in the way of being creative, but they have given me a chance to breathe and collect my thoughts. I’d considered abandoning it all, only my wife and submissive has been awesome as always and encouraged me to rediscover my creativity. I love this woman so much! 

Plans are nearing their final stages and I’ve started working up content and setting in place everything needed to meet the challenges facing me. Changes are going to start happening to this site, starting in February and rolling out in time for March. 

The site stays “free to view” 

Public facing content will continue to appear on the site about once a week. For the most part it will be focused on different aspects of fetishism, coping with “alternative sexualities” and the odd bit of erotica. There will also still be some images appearing in the stream, although these are going to be mostly vanilla style. I’ll be keeping a close eye on developments in the UK to ensure the site stays on the right side of regulation. 

Bondage will be protected 

A Patreon account is being created. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a way for people who like a creator’s work to pay to see it. I’ve chosen them because their service is convenient, anonymous and easy for everyone to use. My aim is to post content every couple of weeks, mixing archive material with new shoots I’m working on. 

This won’t be a “membership site” in the traditional sense. Content will be limited by the constraints of the Patron platform, although the contributions I ask of fans will match this. 

Clips4Sale / iWantClips 

This is a bit more of a challenge. I’ve wanted to introduce video for a while, only it’s proved difficult to get what I wanted together. It’s coming together though, and I’m hoping to shoot my first video in the next 3-4 weeks. Assuming my work is good enough, there will be a video store hopefully by the start of the summer. 

Does this mean I’m creating a full blown “porn empire”? 

I don’t expect to make huge amounts of money from this, nor do I want to. Fetish photography is still something I enjoy. I’ve tried to find ways of balancing the need to meet UK regulation and cover the growing costs of producing content people seem to love. As long as I don’t forget the reasons why I get messages, emails and love for my work I think everyone will be happy. 

Sure, some people will complain, I expect that. I just hope enough of you appreciate what I’m doing to understand my motivation and offer some help and support from time to time. 

Thanks for reading. 


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