Copyright, photographs and posting on social media

Posted in commentary on Monday, 28th October 2019

Social media, websites and digital media has made having a good set of photographs essential for any fetish model, dominatrix or sex worker. Taking photos always brings up the question of copyrights.

In the UK if you ask a slave or fan to take photographs of you, they own the copyright. The same applies if you commission a photographer.

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Being in a photograph doesn’t give you any rights over it. You can’t reproduce, share or use it without permission. You also have limited rights to prevent it being used, and the image won’t be covered by GDPR, particularly if it is taken in a public space.

GDPR doesn’t generally cover images taken in public. If you decide to go shoot in a field and someone else takes pictures of you, there is nothing you can do.

There are always exceptions and nuances you can work with. If you’re commissioning a shoot, even with a slave or fan, it’s best to have in place a contract that gives you exclusive distribution rights.

The UK Government has a useful page on digital copyrights.

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