Fakes and flakes and swipe right profiles

A few weeks ago, I came across a sex worker using photographs I took of them more than 15 years ago. They were presented as if they were recent images. When I was dating I frequently encountered profiles with photos stolen from the web, or of the profile owner from years past. It seems I am not alone as every now and then another victim of a fake photo comes forward in a forum or on social media to bemoan those who bear little resemblance to the profile that caught their eye.

Our “swipe right” culture has created a vacuous culture where perfection is required from day one. We’re required to post images that present us in the best possible light to at least have a hope of engaging with a possible play partner or client. We justify our fraud with a reassurance “they’ll like us when they meet us”. No foul, no harm done, we tell ourselves.

There is harm being done. People are being misled. Slowly their confidence there is “someone out there” is chipped away. The fake photos add to a perception dating sites are full of scammers and fakes. People who are out to “bait and switch”.

A sad state of affairs to find ourselves in.

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