We need to talk about the under 18 year olds

“Coming of age” is a pretty tough time and really confusing. All those feelings and hormones and peers telling you to behave this way and that.

It’s so frustrating and I get it.

My puberty was a bloody nightmare as I struggled with bisexuality, a developing fetish for tight clothes and a medical issue that stopped me from having erections.

Sex ed at school was mechanical. When my parents found out I was buying leotards they packed me off to a shrink because “something was wrong with me”.

All this before I was 14.

With hindsight I wish I’d had the internet to find answers and people I could talk to about all these freakishly confusing, counter-societal-norms thoughts I was having! I didn’t. The best I could manage was the Sunday Sport and occasional stashes of porn mags found in woods.

So I get why a young teenager would come onto the internet and consume twitter accounts, blogs and everything else to do with sex.

Seriously, I get it.

Sometimes I think we in the kink world should do more to inform and educate youngsters struggling with their sexual identity. After all, so many of us have been there ourselves.


(Always a but)

Having a young teenager on the followers list is not a good thing.

Following a young teenager (whether by clicking the button or secretly bookmarking them) is NOT a good thing.

Interacting with a young teenager IS NOT A GOOD THING

Here’s the reality check

First, it’s a red flag to a bull. Kinky person x following y number of underage accounts does our community harm. It gives ammunition to the bigots who seek to bring us down.

Second, no matter how well intentioned, taking a young teenager under the proverbial wing opens you up to all kinds of charges. Some will be criminal. Some will be at the altar of social media.

This is NOT ancient Greece

Third, young minds are still forming. There are organisations that educate and inform and it should be these we direct youngsters to. They are the ones that can provide appropriate help and guidance.

So I offer up this as nothing more than my own suggestions proclaimed as “advice” …

If you have youngsters who are followers on Social Media:

Remove them now (soft block or hard block, the choice is yours)

DO NOT interact with them

If you are a youngster who slipped through the net and started following accounts:

remove yourself from them now (if you must just bookmark them)

keep Googling

seek counsel from great organisations like Young Stonewall

Above all, let’s keep an eye out for each other.

With a bit of luck we might make this a happier place for us all to grow up in.

Thank you for listening.

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