Finding the courage to appear on webcam

Finding the courage to appear on webcam

It was many years ago. My then Fuckbuddy-cum-Mistress went on holiday to Africa. She got bored and decided a webcam session would be a laugh. I agreed. Why wouldn’t I? 

So out comes my gimp costume and at the allotted time I’m wrapped up in latex performing her instructions. Most are pretty humiliating. Most involve pleasuring a blow-up sex doll. Needless to say, she’s recorded the whole thing and delights in sending me a few screenshots as reminders of how I’m hers. 

Being on camera is awkward for a submissive fetishist

Appearing in front of the camera is something I find pretty awkward and uncomfortable. It isn’t something I do voluntarily. If she’d asked me to appear any way other than hidden behind the gimp suit I probably would’ve declined. 

Yet imagery has become an important part of many couple’s BDSM lifestyle. From the near ubiquitous selfie to the sex-tape, we’re using cameras as another tool in our armory of kinky fun. I’m forever taking photos of Tinky when she’s tied up or dressed in latex, threatening to share the pictures on Twitter in a way that heightens our play. 

Webcams and smartphone cameras can heighten our control and extend the playspace far beyond the bedroom. Instructions to send photos “now” to prove obedience, or to capture images in workplaces or public are de rigueur. In my case, performing on webcam for Mistress satisfied her need for fun and mine to take the edge off of missing her. 

And what do you do if you’ve a fear of appearing on camera?  

Trust is absolute number one requirement as far as I am concerned. Complete trust the images and videos won’t be shared further than we agree is essential.  

Accomodation for anonymity comes second. I prefer masks, although I know others like their faces turned away, blurred out or even cropped out completely. 

Agreement to delete everything is third. If you don’t like it, get rid of it. If the relationship comes to an end, delete the images and videos. Regardless of who “technically” owns the copyright this is essential. 

Mistress sent me the screenshots and told me to do with them as I wanted. When we went our separate ways she deleted the ones she took of me, I of her. 

It was the right thing to do. 

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