Sometimes things don’t go quite the way you expect

Sometimes things don’t go quite the way you expect

(But that doesn’t mean you can’t smile about it)

I’ve reached the age where my health is starting to become a problem. There’s been a couple of issues that have scuppered the plans Tinky and I had carefully put together and worked towards. Neither of us have been in the mood to play kink for a while and there’s been some tension at times.

But we keep smiling

Bottom line is we keep moving forwards, not pausing to regret what went wrong. There are lessons to learn and we take time to reflect on them. We don’t dwell.

Sometimes there are moments when we catch one another wallowing a little. That’s fine for a short while and we allow ourselves the time. We don’t linger. We move forwards. Always forwards.

Most important is we do this with a smile on our faces. We’re always laughing, joking and teasing one another. Because no matter how bad things get, as long as we’re smiling things can’t be all that bad.

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