Don’t let someone else’s writing upset your kinky Mental Health

Don’t let someone else’s writing upset your kinky Mental Health

Kink is stressful.

OK, kink itself itsn’t. It’s fun, rewarding, a bit naughty and my god can it be satisfying.

Reading about why this kink isn’t being done right, or that preference contributes to social ills is stressful.

It’s so easy to get dragged down a rabbit hole of self-doubt, loathing and eventual insanity. Every badly or well written paragraph tips us a little closer to the point we accept we’re wrong, evil and should be deeply ashamed, or backs us into a corner where we fight to defend a position that’s indefensible.

So here’s my hypothesis:

If you don’t read this stuff you won’t get stressed.

Enjoy the fact you find fat / thin / tall / short / purple people in furry suits made of latex and leather. Love being spanked, tying people up, getting pegged or slurping urine from a pint mug. Revel in your own perverted kinks and wear a huge mental sign right above your head that says, “I like this shit.”

You don’t need a reason to enjoy it. You don’t need someone giving you 101 reasons why you should / should not be ashamed of your kinks. Chances are they’re only writing their grand thesis to justify their own worldview.

[Guilty as charged]

You’ve got one pervertedly pleasurable life to live, so don’t waste it tying yourself up in knots over pop psychology. As long as you’re not frightening children or horses, and everyone involved agrees to it, I say go for it.

Now go and prove my hypothesis right.

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